Rhys Jones


Photographer, Visual artist and Researcher whose current work involves research which encompasses the connections between art and neuroscience and tries to offer some non-scientific explanations to explain and help diagnose and treat some of the mysteries of conditions on the autism spectrum.

About Me

Rhys's current practice explores random and chance connection by visual, written and performed elements. He has worked in collaboration with a number of artists to develop ideas and experiments into art forms and vehicles for further research, learning and teaching.

Rhys has a particular research interest in understanding further what is or maybe happening in our minds and bodies when we engage in an artistic activity – taking a photograph, drawing, painting, sketching, writing a poem or story, composing and playing music, making a sculpture or thinking about all those activities when performing other routine daily activites or watching or listening to the work of others.

Rhys graduated with an MA in Photography : Contemporary Dialogues in 2010 from Swansea Metropolitan University and is an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society (ARPS).

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