Louise h Johnson


I am a romantic visual poet, healer artist, creating artworks which are either photojournalism or painting, in order to explore anthropology, the theatre and dramas of the interior life, spirituality and psychological states.

About Me

These works draw influence form the spiritual, the poetic of the sublime, vision, transcendence and transformation. The Bible and the act/concept of contemplation, artists and visionaries such as;
, St Teresa of Avila, Tiffany, Thomas, Bacon, weggee, Edward S Curtis, Sutherland, fusing man and nature, spirituality, green man, biomorphic, celtic spirituality, flowers, healing, animal medicine, Absolute, Barnett Newman. Sublime – vision – transcendence – transformation, all come together to fuel my exploration and investigation.

I am photographing models for my anthropology portfolio including dance, gym, self defense, tai-chi, yoga and karate etc. Finding Work experience in different areas of photography, exhibitions and competitions. I currently have a photographic exhibition in Swansea, 'The Parable of the Four Soils.' which draws associations with a Biblical passage.

I am a member of Royal Horticultural Society, which focuses on commercial and artistic projects. Also a Member of RSPB and birdwatching. My other interests are reading, Yoga, self defense and gym.

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