Jonathan Powell


Jonathan Powell is a Swansea based artist who works primarily in painting and drawing. His work is influenced and based upon the people and places in the city. He is also a director and curator of elysium gallery that oversees local and international exhibitions which promote emerging and established Wales based artists. Jonathan is also the founder and continues to run the Beep Wales International Painting Prize.

About Me

Jonathan Powell was born in Bangor, N. Wales and has lived in Swansea since 2001.
His work incorporates ideas of shelter and utopia which he explores through painting and drawing.
His vision When We Build Again depicts den-like structures as if created by children, cobbled together out of the building blocks salvaged from the remains of the previous buildings and cities. They are flawed buildings of the future, constructive as development of the regeneration process leaving a trail of derelict, crumbling buildings which themselves will eventually become monuments to past failures. His imagined spaces are exterior psychological structures – isolated but delicately connected, forming a precarious city on stilts. Some have been abandoned, some never occupied and some incomplete. These paintings witness architectural invention and a vehement search for the primal need of shelter.

Jonathan studied at Swansea Metropolitan University gaining an MA Distinction in Contemporary dialogues in 2012.

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