Jazmine Phillips


I’m a freelance artist & illustrator.
If you would like to commission me, collaborate with me or even art trade please don’t hesitate to get in touch via (or here/Facebook page/tumblr page).

I mostly do traditional mediums such as watercolours but also i’m confident using acrylics/oils. Digital work is no stranger to me also (at the moment my digital work is unavailable), I sell my work through my Facebook page using Paypal so everything is taken care of and i’m the only person working here so there’s no middle person! For other merchandise I primarily use Redbubble and then Society6 (not updated so much unless requested).

If you could support me by liking/following my Redbubble or Society6 store or even my Facebook page, that would be awesome.

About Me

In my spare time and if I’m working a job (on my days off), I'm a freelance Illustrator. I enjoy being creative and I view illustration as a natural way for me to express myself & concept ideas. Fully enjoy drawing/sketching & keeping up to date on latest programmes. I have various websites where there's examples of my work to be viewed and bought by the public and also companies that are interested in looking for an illustrator. I also have a passion for photography, owning quite a few old cameras and a DSLR. I use them mostly when I'm away with friends on trips or to capture moments with my family. I must admit I have a love for videogames, playing with friends or just losing myself in another world.

Directory Discipline

Photography, Fine art, Artist, Digital Media