Amir a. Nejad


Amir a Nejad strives to breathe fresh life into realist painting by combining classical ideals within the context of his own life and surroundings. His paintings have elements of decades past, but are firmly grounded in present day. Often painting his friends within the confines of his home, we are allowed a voyeuristic glance into his world as he reveals his efforts to capture the fleeting beauty of modern life.

About Me

Amir a Nejad was born in Iran in 1971. His childhood was spent in the company of many artists; painters, sculptors and photographers. This rich and varied environment led him very early in life towards art and painting in particular. Amir studied Graphic Design and worked for some years in this field. But increasingly he was drawn to his first love, painting. Perhaps because he was primarily a self taught painter he continually tests his ability by using a variety of materials, techniques and supports.

At present he is working in oil, most notably in a series of portraits on board and canvas. In other work he explores the possibilities of other mediums including acrylic, pastels and collage. His influences are varied but he has an abiding interest in European figurative art; from the work of Pietro Annigonsi, through the portraits of Holbein to work by Francois Bard, He is currently based in Swansea, UK.

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Fine art, Artist